Eyebrow Threading


Eyebrow Threading is a beauty technique which originates from the Middle East and is the ancient art of hair removal.
It is popular with men and women in Arab countries and involves using a piece of cotton thread to pluck hair from the root.
But now the technique is gaining popularity in the UK. Mita Gadher, is the most accomplished therapist in Bath that practices the technique - view this Threading video - click here

Mita expertly winds pure cotton thread round rows of hairs before effortlessly and painlessly pulling them out.
The thread is rolled over hairs and because entire rows can be tackled at a time, it is a speedy process. The technique has been used for centuries and can also be used elsewhere on the face.

The benefit of Threading is that the skin remains tight throughout the entire process, whereas plucking and waxing eyebrows stretches and ultimately wrinkles the skin over time.
In Tanzania where Mita was born, women often forego make up in favour of beautifully shaped brows and a Bindi in the middle.

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